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I wanted to play this song live on radio but because of time constraints it didn’t happen. This is a consolation prize for all of you.


Are you happy?

for those at the portraits of nick chim exhibition, you would’ve heard a 2 minute clip of people talking about their happiness. Nick has decided to upload the full ten minute clip for your aural pleasure. He guarantees it will be enlightening.

Hi sorry we’ve taken so long for this but here finally is the b-side from Nick Chim’s debut solo album “I have damned every moment over”. Bare and naked and mixed by the man himself.

If you’ve bought his album do let us or nick himself know what you think of it, either by writing about it on your blogs, twitter or just writing on Nick Chim’s facebook wall. We hope to hear from you guys soon. click read on.



“Reality is something you rise above.”

-Liza Minneli

“The mid-1990s was the era of your so-called Third World War”


Winterhalter is a rock and bawl rock group, that plays songs recorded by S. Having amassed a nonsensical number of songs, S decided to go all hawkwind style arena-rock. Live, Winterhalter consists of members from other bands like Sky In Euphoria, Vertical Rush and Chocolate Tiger, that S used to play in. Winterhalter has played shows at Home Club, the Esplanade, the Substation, the Arts house and an acoustic set at the NUS university cultural centre. Winterhalter would like to think that each gig that we played was an event, just like every other myspace based Emo/alternative/ pop rock in denial local band thinks in Singapore.

Winterhalter is influenced by long forgotten CDs at Cash Converters, Spacemen 3, the Spinanes, Liz Phair, Candlebox, Liz Phair, Bailter Space, Big Star and the Replacements. People have said that winterhalter live shows either suck real bad or create headaches, fans include fashion students and people who listen to nothing else but stephanie sun.

Some of the members are huge John Mayer fans, which grosses S out very much. Currently the band is listening to Eric’s Trip, Julie Doiron, The wedding present’s del rey, Debussy and the Deftones’ selt titled.

Currently, Winterhalter is on a live peformance hiatus since 2008 due to psychological problems outside of the band. S, on the other hand, will still be recording and plans to release EPs online on the 29cornflakes website.

An EP will be out in October consisting of new songs.

For the old Winterhalter and sound samples you can go their so last year myspace.

For facebook voyeurs and net socialites, you can find us on facebook

video sluts

For youtubers

For questions on Winterhalter and enquiries on live peformances do email.

No style gee arh

No style gee arh

Eps for download

Teenage Textbook
“Two of the most memorable songs that convents girls loved listening to looking at the hot ah beng from SJI”

Nick Chim

From his successful 10-year career as electric guitarist and lead songwriter in established band, Vertical Rush, Nick’s musical concerns have always involved tender melodies, drama and affection. Gifted as both a singer and songwriter, Nick’s music has spanned the region, having played to audiences in Phillipines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Armed with a diploma in music performance from La Salle College of the arts, majoring in guitar, Nick has produced a body of work spanning 2 full-length albums with Vertical Rush, and of late, a self-released full-length solo album featuring his own brand of urban indie-folk music. Be it his songwriting work with Vertical Rush, or his solo material, audiences have always gravitated towards his ability to build affinity with a wide variety of individuals, through accessible and relevant music.

Born into a single-parent family, and bred in the working-class suburbs of Choa Chu Kang, a consistent theme in Nick’s music has always been one of grounded thought and reflection on what it means to be human in this accelerated world we live in. Despite his internal struggles, his search has always been about trying to look deeper within oneself, and learning to live the best way possible.

What sets him apart as an artist in Singapore is his commitment to his craft, parallel to his desire in nurturing young musical talents. Currently a full-time music teacher and practicing musician, he devotes a large part of his day towards developing and honing the creative spirit that lies in everyone who crosses his path.

Represented by creative management company, 29 Cornflakes, Nick is presently busying himself with the tricky balancing act of teaching and setting aside time to write more original material.

Rage Goh

Daughter of an advertising executive and mother to fraternal twins, Rachel’s development as a ‘creative’ person has been moulded by the same forces that make you and me. With over 10 years spent in the stellar, yet sacrilegious advertising industry in parallel to a career as an emerging artist who has showed at the Singapore Biennale, she often finds herself lost and confused at the demands of the colliding creative forces acting within her.

Yet it is her attempt to straddle both sides of her soul, one which seeks for a pragmatic attempt at living, and the other which urges her to aspire the ethereal, that both inspires and challenges her contemporaries. Plagued by a strong interest in the essence of existence expressed through various forms, the medium of film has always been something close to her heart – the singular medium that initiated her foray into both the art and creative industries.

With this singular approach, she hopes to develop and nurture young minds in order to validate her own findings about art and advertising, with the ultimate end-goal being a vague form of vindication of death.

Randomly making its appearances in flea markets like MAAD, FleaFlyFloFun and Black Market at Dempsey, the performance at substation was The Proletariat Poetry Factory’s first performance as a cohesive group.

The work process remains the same, as it always has been. Give us a word to inspire the poem, leave a name behind, collect the typewritten poem and pay any amount for it.

A constant audio feed by The Board of Supreme Controllers via headphones aims to maximise productivity, by maintaining servility of poet labourers and complete mental submission to the system.

The Proletariat Poetry Factory recently manufactured and sold the largest volume of spontaneous poems in one sitting to date at the Substation. The Factory sets it’s sights on industrial performances of an even bigger scale.

For more information, contact

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