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Are you happy?

for those at the portraits of nick chim exhibition, you would’ve heard a 2 minute clip of people talking about their happiness. Nick has decided to upload the full ten minute clip for your aural pleasure. He guarantees it will be enlightening.


Hi sorry we’ve taken so long for this but here finally is the b-side from Nick Chim’s debut solo album “I have damned every moment over”. Bare and naked and mixed by the man himself.

If you’ve bought his album do let us or nick himself know what you think of it, either by writing about it on your blogs, twitter or just writing on Nick Chim’s facebook wall. We hope to hear from you guys soon. click read on.

IMG_6383Winterhalter’s first show at homeclube was acoustic. It was at someone’s birthday party. Here’s some songs from then.


1)Class for Acting


3)Portrait of friendship

4)Superior Love

Thanks Elias (IZaak stern) and Tankap Accent for recording them and always encouraging me.

Download HERE!


These songs were performed live by Winterhalter at all of their sets. Recorded way back say 2005 or something, more declassified by 29cornflakes stuff. Enjoy.


1)Class for acting

“I always did this song first because its the overture for performing.. the live version was totally different and i’ve always wanted to do it like how i recorded.”


” i was always left out of my neighbour’s trips to malaysia, while i dreamed at home”


“I dont really like deftones. Try mixing this with that. i really like this song.”

4)Superior Love

“Classic love song for me about who’s got the upper hand in romance.”

5) Portrait of friendship

“For my secondary school mates, and discovering all things Joy division.”

Download HERE!


A bunch of Covers that have been rotting.


1) Stupidstar

“Two really dumb songs put together to make you feel at first all dying then throw in a Alternative classic and you got a stupidstar”

2) Only happy when it rains

“Radio friendly goth anthem pre-linkin park and pink feather boa”

3) Dreaming my dreams

“The cranberries and Pete “spectrum” kember”

Download HERE

Here’s another EP from the vaults.

where to?

where to?



“Wonderful faint drawings of high fashion models dressed forever 21”

2.Laura I love you

“Sleep hollow east meets west horses meets heathcliff”

3.Laura the bad cat

“Wine and all no drugs makes the time pass”


“Indie rock for post ‘A’ levels/ diploma Night and Fog fetishist

Download HERE!

Teenaig textbook EP

Up for download is Winterhalter doing two of the most memorable songs from the teenage text book.


Special angel

Download here

Charlene Choi and Gillian Cheung Singapore convent girl style

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